CONSCIENCE HIP HOP '10 Days of Awe' Ft. Moshae

by Moshae Beats

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CONSCIENCE HIP HOP '10 Days of Awe' Ft. Moshae


L’shana tova u’metuka/it’s a good year/I’m repenting from my past years & past fears

baal teshuvah/yeah I’m returning/yom kippur around the corner so my soul won’t be burning

tashlich/I ritually toss my sins in the sea & hopefully
Hashem hears me speak

The 10 days of awe/ I turn my bitters to sweet
With a siddur in my hand/in my white tallit

I wake in the morning/lay tefflin/cuz I shachrit
Shema ha meeta I pray/and then sleep

My Neshama/my soul/ Adoshem won’t you keep
Tikkun Olan/Shalu Shalom/ Yerushalim

Just last last week/I gave a dvar/ my word of Torah
That came from my heart

I spoke about my struggles/and a man named Job/
I was up on the bima feeling all exposed

You could hear pin drop/so I heard so heard/
6 pages later & I lifted my curse/

I’m a new man now/while I’m rappin this verse/
Keep a kipa on my head/Cuz Gd comes first/

Yitzchak Ben Moshe is my Hebrew name/I’m a proud Jew now/Avraham in my veins

6 days I work/on the 7th refrain/no swine for me/ keep it kosher AMAIN

Baruch Hashem/Gotta Bless the name/yud hey vav hey/ don’t say it in vein

Keep it kaddosh/the best way you cain/do a good deed/it’s a mitzvah thang

Yitgadal/ve yitkadash shemei raba/I say kaddish for my ma
refuah shleima/Mi sheberach

I pray for good health /cuz you know you need backups

Bereshit bara elokeem/ Avinu malkanu/our father and the king

Hashem Echad
The Most High is One
Bo Moshiach/Bevekasha please come

Hine mah tov /u’mah nah eem/shevat akeen gam yachad
Everybody sings

Mi chamocah ba’ilm/we standing at sea/blessings from the shamayim
The 10 days awe/it’s a new beginning/have an easy fast/ we all repenting

We all Gds children/regardless of religion
Shalom alechiem/mishpachot/if your listenin’


released October 1, 2015
Moshae Beats Recorded/Mixed/Produced @moshaemusic



all rights reserved


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Moshae Beats Seattle, Washington

"Moshae" has been producing beats since the late 1990's. He graduated from Shoreline Community College with a A.A./A.S. in Music Technology-Digital Audio Engineering in 2009 (honors). "Moshae" has worked with dozens of producers, artist, & engineers. He was a member of The Pacific Northwest's chapter of Grammy's Recording academy & now produces & mixes for up & coming artist. ... more

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