2. 3RD COAST RAP INSTRUMENTAL 'Peace Upon You' (Prod by Moshae Beats) 74bpm tagged

  3. FOR $ALE FUNKY BOOMBAP BEAT 'Everybody Funky' (Prod by Moshae Beats) 77bpm tagged

  4. FOR $ALE UPBEAT TRAP HOP 'Stomp On You' (Prod. Moshae Beats) 120 bpm TAGGED

  5. FOR $ALE 'Funk N' Jazz' (Prod. by Moshae Beats) RETRO 114 BPM tagged

  6. FOR $ALE 'Ride To The Funk' (Prod. by Moshae Beats) 89.22 bpm TAGGED

  7. FOR $ALE HIP HOP BEAT 'Comin Up Together' (Prod. by Moshae Beats) 97 Bpm TAGGED

  8. FOR $ALE 'MC TYPE BEAT' 'Battle Of The Beast' (Prod. by Moshae Beats) 71.5 bpm tagged

  9. FOR $ALE 'REAL HIP HOP BEAT' 'Raised in the Ghetto' (Prod. by Moshae Beats) tagged

  10. FOR $ALE PIMPIN' HIP HOP BEAT 'Made My Mind Up' (Prod. by Moshae Beats) tagged

  11. FOR $ALE 90's Hip Hop 'Highnotes' (Prod. by Moshae Beats) TAGGED 92 BPM


  13. *FREE DOWNLOAD* 'DARK CLUB BEAT' (Prod by Moshae Beats)

  14. TRAP INSTRUMENTAL 'Jumpin' 138 bpm (Prod. by Moshae Beats) *LEASE*

  15. HIP HOP INSTRUMENTAL 'Skilled In The Game' 113.5 Bpm (Prod. by Moshae Beats) *LEASE*

  16. MEMPHIS TYPE BEAT 'Ay What' (Prod. by Moshae Beats) 116 bpm *LEASE*

  17. HIP HOP/RAP/R&B INSTRUMENTAL 'Focus On The Future' (Prod. by Moshae Beats) *LEASE*

  18. CLASSIC HIP HOP BEAT 'How You Feel' (Prod. by Moshae Beats) *LEASE*

  19. 90'S BOOM BAP INSTRUMENTAL 'Positive Over Negative' 89 bpm (Prod by Moshae Beats) *LEASE*

  20. 90'S BOOM BAP INSTRUMENTAL 'Fluid Gains' 85 bpm (Prod by Moshae Beats) *LEASE*

  21. 'Never Losing You' Feat. Moshae Beats & Smokey Robinson (Prod. by Moshae Music)

  22. Migos Feat. Rich The Kid 'JUMPIN LIKE JORDAN' (REMIX by Moshae Beats)
    Migos Feat. Rich The Kid 'JUMPIN LIKE JORDAN' (REMIX by Moshae Beats)

  23. Aretha Franklin 'ROCKSTEADY' DANCE REMIX (Prod. by Moshae Beats)

  24. ACE HOOD 'Realist Livin' REMIX (Prod. by Moshae Beats)

  25. '5am Soul' (Prod. By Moshae Beats) FFU MIXTAPE JUNE 2014 *FREE DOWNLOAD*

  26. Jennifer Hudson Feat. Timbaland 'WALK IT OUT' REMIX (Prod. by Moshae Beats)

  27. Future Feat. Kanye West 'I Won' BACHATA TRAP' REMIX (Prod. by Moshae Beats)

  28. Major Lazer Feat. Pharrell 'Aerosol Can' REMIX (Prod by Moshae Beats)

  29. Big Stripe Presents: One Crazy MoFo

  30. Moshae Music Presents: The Independent Take-over

    Ant Bishop

  32. Moshae Music Presents: Give Me A Beat "Dirty South Instrumentals"


Moshae Beats Seattle, Washington

"Moshae" has been producing beats since the late 1990's. He graduated from Shoreline Community College with a A.A./A.S. in Music Technology-Digital Audio Engineering in 2009 (honors). "Moshae" has worked with dozens of producers, artist, & engineers. He was a member of The Pacific Northwest's chapter of Grammy's Recording academy & now produces & mixes for up & coming artist. ... more

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